No, this isn't a trick. Tyler and Ballsac throw together a little Xmas treat for you folks with a quick throw together show. Tyler got an anal probe or an alien bug up his ass, so Fire in the Sky was a perfect fit. The boys start off talking about the Star Wars trailer, a little news, answer some questons, even a little video game update, a Craigslist posting that would make Xander Kane run for the hills and cap off the first segment with What you've been watching.

The boys do a quick rundown of Fire in the Sky and finish it off with feedback from Bruce and Gwen. Jared didn't let us down by sending in the questions, and we'd love more questions from more listeners. If you want to get a hold of the show or send in your own questions, email us at or call us 206-203-2487.

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Tyler and Ballsac come back in the episode to do Hell Night. They talk about their Thanksgiving, Tyler gets a visit from Crackhead Craig, they talk some news, Are You Fucking with Me?, and Tyler brings back Craigslist Freakshow. The boys talk a little bit of what you've been watching and some gets soread out thought the show, because alcohol makes you forget sometimes. 

The derelict duo get sidetracked during their rundown of Hell Night and go into some very strange tangents without Jason. The boys finish the show off with feedback from Ryan, Jake, Gwen. Scott, Jim returns, Killerklown, and first time feedbacker Bruce. If you want to get a hold of the show email us at or call us 206-203-2487.
Next time we come back with ?????
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The trio of terrificness are back and talking about An American Werewolf in London, as picked by Jerkin Jared. First Tyler gets a little beef off his chest that he has with a cohost on twittter and gives us a few news updates. The boys finally answer Jared's questions and encourage you to bring that segment back! Ballsac bores the boys with a long ass what you've been watching and even gets pissy over Leprechaun : Origins for no reason. 

Then our Heroes get into the meat and potatoes of the show and do what they do worst, run down the feature movie. Some say they ruin the movie, others say they improve the movie with their bullshit, but most don't even give a shit.We finish the show off with a quick feedback section from Jake, Craig, Jared, Scott, and the "Quote of the Week" (should be quote of the show) from Gwen in the last show.
So if you want to hit us up with some questions or give us feedback, please call the show at 206-203-2487 or email us at
Next up : Hell Night
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Our heroes are back with a Tales from the Crypt episode and we bring in special guest Jerkin' Jared from the Time After Time Podcast to join us. We kick the show off with Tyler showing his love for Slipknot and his disgust with Jason and Ballsac as usual. Tyler feeds us a little news from the world beyond and a couple are you fucking with me stories. All 4 of hold hands and talk some what you've been watching. 

Tyler Runs down Threes A crowd, Ballsac runs down Cutting Cards, and Jason runs down The Switch from Tales From the Crypt season 2. (in case you want to play along) We get a shit ton of feedback from far too many to mention here, but if you want to get a hold of the show like these fine folks, email us at or call us at 206-2032487
Our new horror whore  tournament winner is :    ALEXANDRIA DADDARIO!!
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We are finally back after a month off and actually talk about the Faculty. Tyler makes a major announcement about our past Horror Whore pageant winner from many episodes before, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Jason and Ballsac thrill Tyler with tales from Horrorhound INdy and metting listener Jim. The boys talk some "what you've been watching" after seeing a few movies/screeners at Horrorhound.

Feedback comes from Jake, Ryan, Jared, Scott, Killerklown, Jim, and Gwen with special guest Newty during QOTW. The Heroes inspired some people to sen in their top 10 movies of all time( some people can't pick just 1) and we welcome yours as well. So send those lists and/or feedback into : or call us at 206-203-2487
We also want you to help pick the New Horror Whore : Alexandria Daddario Vs. Amber Heard ... so send in your vote and pics of the women with why you choose them!
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Our heroes get the trio back together and down to business with a little bullshit. We start off with a little update of what we've been up to before we talk about our top 10 movies of all time. Ballsac and Tyler duel again with some "are you fucking with me stories" and a quick rendition of what you've been watching before we hit the meat and potatoes of the show.

We finish the show off we some feedback from Gwen with his Quote of the Week, Redd, Cordell, Jake, and Jim call in, while Ryan, Mike, Greg, and Cordell email in with some thoughts. If you want to get your thoughts or comments in like these fine folks, email in to or call in to 206-203-2487.

Next time up we will be doing The Faculty
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   Tyler and Ballsac go on without Jason for a show, so of course, we are way off course. We talk over our Fourth of July weekend adventure before Tyler hits us with a couple are you fucking with me stories?. Ballsac rambles about a few what you've been watching..** SPOILERS** he spoils some of this season of True Blood so you may want to skip a couple minutes if you don't want it spoiled for you.

   We then get into the meat of the show and talk about Masters of Horror. After that we move onto some feedback and we even announce a disclaimer before we start the feedback so pay attention people!! Hopefully next show, Jason is back and we get into Frankenhooker. So send in your feedback to or call in to 206-203-2487.
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The boys are back with their original plan of Deadly Friend. Tyler and Ballsac duel with some more fucked up stories and Tyler brings us some news. The trio have a what you've been watching that should be skipped, but Tyler has an epic rant.

We get feedback from Jake, Jim, Jerkin Jared, Gwen, Scotty, and Ryan. We enjoy the feedback guys, but don't blame us if you buy the movie and don't like it. That's on you! Next movie up will be, Frankenhooker.
So send in your feedback to or call in to 206-203-2487.
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Our heroes are back with a new show and a special guest. We bring on Dan, the vanila gorila, breaking his podcast cherry. No, we don't do Deadly friend yet, we make this a special kind of bullshit show. We chit chat a bit, Tyler and Ballsac bring some stories your way and then we spew out a long discussion of what we've been watching. The boys even clean up a little feedback that doesn't pertain to Deadly Friend.

Last episode Jason made a special request of Gwen Stephani, and did he over achieve. We'd like to thank him for a job well done. Hopefully he can keep up the good work. 
Next episode we should be back with Deadly Friend from 1986. So send in your feedback to or call in to 206-203-2487.
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We are back and drop heavy as ever! In this episode our heroes ( and I use that word very loosely ) are back to rund down this gem/sequel, Bad Dreams. Tyler brings us a new top 10 list and Ballsac tries to mess things up as usual. We bring a couple " Are you fucking with me? " stories and our always popular feedback segments. This week we also award Jason's blu-ray copy of Night of the Demons. 

Our feedback comes from : Jared, Stan, Jim, Gwen, Scott, Matt, Edgar, Rob, Ted, Craig, and Xander brings the thunder. If you want to get a hold of the show, call us at 206-203-2487 or email us at

Next show we talk about Deadly Friend.
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